For the purposes of this Editorial, I want to sub-title it, ‘A Focus on Geography Education Research: North and South’. My reasons for reflecting on this topic will become clear in the course of the Editorial.
Geography Education, at times termed Geographical Education, has been a growing tangent discipline of Geography internationally. There is a plethora of literature in the discipline of Geography Education (GE) from the global north but limited literature comparatively from Africa, especially in the southern African region. Literature does indeed abound from countries taking stock of GE in for example, the United States (Bednarz 2002; Bednarz 2008; Brysch 2014), United Kingdom (Lambert & Morgan 2010; Morgan 2011), France (Graves 2001), Australia (Robertson 2003), Turkey (Şahin & Karabağ 2005; Karabağ & Şahin 2007a; Öztürk 2005; Karabağ & Şahin 2007b; Taş 2007) and Korea (Seo & Kim 2012). There are also cross-country analyses of aspects of GE, such as between Turkey and the USA (Demirci 2004); Europe and the USA (Bednarz & Schee 2006) or on concerns on environmental education (Rickinson & Lundholm 2008; Marcinkowski 2009; Morgan 2015). Eight years ago, Yecit (2010) undertook an international study on research in Geography Education between the period 2000 - 2009 by accessing archives, magazines and papers submitted to national and international conferences in addition to post-graduate and PhD theses.

Published: 2018-12-29