Alternation Special Edition 22,1 of 2015 forms a continuation of on-going research in the fields of Management, Business Leadership, Informatics, and Governance at a number of South African universities. This issue contains nineteen contributions from authors in South Africa, Britain and New Zealand. Contributions vary from the nature of transformational leadership, integrity in research and organisational management, and the ubiquitous role of informatics in the present-day digitally hyper-connected world in which we all now live. In one way or another, these nineteen contributions all focus on, relate to, or depend on Informatics as organisational management and communication backbone.

Published: 2015-06-30

Global Benchmarks: A Human Resource Management Tool for Knowledge Management Implementation

Loganathan Narayansamy Govender, Sadhasivan Perumal, Rubeshan Perumal


An Investigation of a Specific System Development Methodology for Business Process Reengineering

Chipo Getrude ` Mavetera, Nehemiah Mavetera, Magda Huisman, Sam Lubbe