South Africa: Re-imagining the Rainbow Nation

Alternation Call for Papers South Africa: Re-imagining the Rainbow Nation Editors: Dr. Syeda Lubna Bano Nadvi, Dr. Cheryl Mohamed Sayeed, and Prof Johannes A. Smit The birth of a democratic South Africa in 1994 gave impetus to the idea of the possibility of crafting a new, and just post-apartheid society, one that was formed on the values of equality for all, human rights and economic prosperity. The idea of the creation of a rainbow nation which would incorporate the diverse communities that resided in the country, was advanced by many in the leadership structures as the perfect ideology underpinning the new South Africa. We invite the submission of critically engaging papers that explore this theme of re-imagining South Africa from discipline-specific, and multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary perspectives. President Ramaphosa’s call of Thuma Mina, opened up the civil society space, as a space for multiple, individual and collective imaginative interventions, creation of opportunities, and projects. It invites greater civil society participation across a wide array of both national, and civil society initiatives. It also challenges individuals and organizations, but also governance and economic structures to not only collectively imagine a new future, but, especially, to creatively and constructively engage the still untransformed, unreconstructed, and inveterate social systems and structures that stand in the way of a fully free and equal South Africa. Read more about South Africa: Re-imagining the Rainbow Nation