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The article by Matete Lerutla and Renier Steyn is titled ‘Definition of Leadership in Africa within the Twenty-first Century Context: Empirical Research on Leadership in Africa’. Granted that leadership is a widely used construct and there are numerous articles across multiple disciplines that researche the ‘leadership’ phenomenon, this research investigates the construct of leadership in Africa. Much of what is written is conceptual, and empirical articles on African leadership remain sparse. The article reports on the findings of a systematic literature review that was conducted on leadership in Africa. It presents a qualitative review of empirical research, highlighting key findings and implications for future research. The research investigation followed the traditional body of knowledge framework of concepts, statements, definitions, and conceptual frameworks to systemize reports on leadership in Africa. Articles were identified, selected and analysed using the systematic literature review methodology. Articles, statements, definitions, models, typologies, theories, and paradigms were explored and interrogated in each article, so as to understand how they are linked to leadership in Africa.


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