HIV and AIDS Prevention Programmes in Zimbabwe: A Gendered Terrain

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Fairchild Siyawamwaya


Efforts to curb the HIV and AIDS epidemic have reached a deadlock. This emanates from the manner in which gender has been understood in these programmes. Gender has not been tackled in all its complexities that is to include men and children. It is therefore unfortunate that gender has been epitomised as a women’s issue. In these gender discourses men are given two or three lines. The ostracisation of men in the domain of HIV and AIDS related issues have created dangerous gaps that has made it difficult for the epidemic to be combated. The paper observed that for HIV and AIDS to be thoroughly dealt with, there must be concerted efforts from both men and women. Feminist theologians should desist from blatantly attacking men as the perpetrators of HIV and AIDS for within these men lies great potential to fight the HIV and AIDS epidemic. The paper in light of social constructionism, literature review and in-depth analysis contends that proper gender equality is a necessity in the battle against HIV and AIDS.


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Fairchild Siyawamwaya, Ezekiel Guti University