Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS Programmes in the Ministry of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe

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Francis Machingura
Norman Chivasa


The Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) in Zimbabwe church is one of the oldest Pentecostal denominations in Zimbabwe tracing its origins as far back as 1915. She claims a membership of two million across the country. Like other Pentecostal denominations that broke away from her, the AFM in Zimbabwe remains exposed to the risks and vulnerabilities of HIV and AIDS. This study made a case for HIV and AIDS mainstreaming in the AFM in Zimbabwe. The study was predominantly qualitative and relied on document analysis. Relevant sources of data were identified and critically examined. The study found that HIV and AIDS mainstreaming among Pentecostal denominations is an uphill task because some Pentecostal preachers claim they can cure HIV and AIDS, yet government and other stakeholders firmly established that there is no cure for HIV and AIDS. Another impeding factor was that HIV and AIDS in some Pentecostal quarters is regarded as a demon. The demon perception encourages stigma and discrimination against HIV infected persons. Although negative perceptions of HIV and AIDS are evident, some Pentecostals still encourage biomedical cure for HIV and AIDS while at the same time they embrace faith as an important aspect for coping with HIV and AIDS. That the AFM in Zimbabwe, like other Pentecostal denominations has comparative advantages that put it at a better position to mainstream HIV and AIDS was firmly established. Although, Pentecostal denominations like other organizations struggle due to loss of members through sickness, death, funerals and reduced performances owing to HIV and AIDS evidence showed that they are slowing up to HIV and AIDS mainstreaming. Owing to stigma and discrimination which is rampant among Pentecostals, the study concludes that not mainstreaming is not an option for the AFM in Zimbabwe as the process is not resource-intensive which puts the denomination at a better position to effectively operate in the face of HIV and AIDS while at the same time fulfilling its mandate.


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