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Rembrandt Klopper


As we live through the digital revolution and, for that matter, have entered the much acclaimed fourth industrial revolution, we need to also take a glance back, to look at where this has all began. There are many academic scenarios – and some not so academic – but in principle, it appears that, like many other scientific endeavours, it was started by and for the military. With regard to Alternation’s own trajectory, Smit and Chetty (2018a; and 2018b) provide a few brief insights.
But be that as it may. Tim Berners-Lee was the first to connect the dots, and provide a vision for the future, in 1989, with the sketch on the cover of this issue of Alternation. And, after the 30 years, since, we want to dedicate this issue to him.


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Rembrandt Klopper, University of Zululand

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