Creating synergy between Regional and Local Economic Development at sub-national level: Towards integrated Economic Development Collaboration for local progress in the Western Cape

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Van P Niekerk
Bunding-Venter C


This article presents a qualitative, exploratory inquiry into existing linkages in Regional and Local
Economic development (RandLED) facilitation systems in South Africa. The authors argue that although a natural overlap is present between these systems, the complexity of the environment, comprising multi-stakeholders and multi-levels, represents a governance challenge. Resolving, or bridging this gap, requires the adoption of specific, innovative approaches. Three case study examples of governance interventions in the Western Cape province of South Africa are discussed, in order to gain an insight into how they attempted to create institutional synergy in RandLED. The article concludes with observations and recommendations for RandLED policy and practice, to aid in synthesising implementation processes and ultimately the delivery of improved development outcomes. The authors suggest that innovative partnerships, based on collaboration and collaborative governance between role-players in the RandLED arena, should be explored in more detail, as well as being recognised in economic development policy processes.

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Bunding-Venter C, World Bank Group (IBRD)