Career development of women principals in Lesotho: Influences, opportunities and challenges


This paper presents findings from a study that explored career development of women principals in Lesotho high schools. The aim of the study was to understand women principals’ careers within a particular context by focusing on influences behind their career choices, career transitions and career advancement opportunities. Through a narrative inquiry in qualitative research, in-depth interviews were conducted with eight women principals on their personal and professional stories. The findings revealed that family played a significant role in influencing women’s teaching career choices, while transitions from teaching to principalship were influenced by levels of readiness, desire to implement change and to improve student outcomes. Opportunities of career advancement included self-initiated study which improved qualifications, taking advantage of chances to perform leadership roles as well as self-confidence and self-drive to actively seek promotion.

Author Biography

Moikabi Komiti, North-West University

Moikabi Komiti is a PhD student at North-West University.

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