Organisation development: The argument still stands

  • Clive Smith University of Johannesburg
  • Marion Mackinnon University of Johannesburg


After the national transition in 1994, SA was welcomed back into the international political and economic arena. Becoming part of the global community, including emerging economies, has had major implications for the country, including its school system. A previously relatively stable and predictable, if unjust, school system needed radical change. This paper reports on how Organisation Development (OD) as an action research school change strategy was introduced to a school staff. The outcome has been a gradual change in the organisation culture of the school. This includes more collaborative decision-making, open communication, teacher leadership, increased enthusiasm among teachers and an on-going process of incremental school change. We suggest that OD is a feasible change strategy for schools and school systems in emerging contexts of rapid and ongoing change and where schools are expected to take increasing responsibility for themselves.

Author Biography

Marion Mackinnon, University of Johannesburg

Headmistress, St Benedict's Junior Preparatory School, Bedfordview, Johannesburg

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