Understanding higher education: Alternative perspectives (2022) by C. Boughey, and S. McKenna.

  • Paul Svongoro University of the Western Cape
Keywords: higher education, context, transformation


In August 2023, I enrolled for a Short Learning Programme in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at the University of Johannesburg’s Ali Mazrui Centre for Higher Education Studies. Understanding Higher Education: Alternative Perspectives, a book written by Chrissie Boughey and Sioux McKenna and published by African Minds in 2022, was one of the books we had to study for our first assignment. Boughey and McKenna, like other publications that concentrate on current discussions in higher education, use their extensive knowledge of higher education studies to contribute to the discussion about the goals and prospects for modern higher education in Africa, and South Africa specifically. I thought the book was a fascinating reflection on the discourses that dominate higher education systems in the global South for these and other reasons.


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