Students’ and lecturers’ perceptions of computerised adaptive testing as the future of assessing students

Keywords: Assessment Methodology; Computerised Adaptive Testing; Lecturer Perceptions; Personalised Learning; Student Perceptions


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for the increased adoption and acceptance of technology in teaching and learning, and assessment. Using a quantitative research design, the study surveyed 640 lecturers and students in higher education institutions in South Africa, using an online survey platform to attain lecturers’ and students’ views of adopting computerised adaptive testing (CAT) in their respective modules, and their perceptions of such a testing methodology. The study found that lecturers and students were comfortable engaging in online learning, with a large percentage being the most comfortable with assessing and completing exams, tests, and activities online. Positive perceptions of adopting CAT as an assessment tool for their qualifications were expressed, with the majority recommending their HEI to implement CAT. A statistical difference was found between race and personal perceptions of CAT. It was further established that the higher the level of knowledge and understanding of CAT exist, the higher the academic perceptions levels of CAT are.


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Author Biography

Priya Pramgovind, The Independent Institute of Education

Senior Head of Programme

The Independent Institute of Education, Sandton

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