Integrating ICTs into the Zimbabwean secondary school pre-service teachers’ curriculum

Keywords: ICT, Integration, Pre-service, Teachers, Curriculum


The need for nations to enhance their competitiveness by leveraging the imperatives of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has seen major shifts in teaching and learning strategies employed by educators globally. Research in Zimbabwean education has pointed to a gap in teachers’ competences in the use of information communication technologies (ICTs) for teaching. Using the UNESCO ICT competency for teachers and Bernstein’s (2000) theory of the pedagogic device we propose a conceptual framework for the pre-service ICT curriculum at four Zimbabwean secondary school teachers’ colleges. This is in terms of the complexities present in the nexus of the curriculum’s architecture, pedagogy and delivery context. The framework suggests strategies on how this curriculum could address the teachers’ competencies gap through effective integration of content, knowledge, skills, technology and pedagogy into the salient contextual aspects of the country’s education sector such as the constraining shortage of ICT resources. 

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