Voice and voicelessness in the construction of assessment policies: Participation as a relevant dimension in the potential impact on teaching and learning

  • Maria Teresa Flórez Petour Universidad de Chile
Keywords: participation, large-scale assessment, accountability, policy


The article critically analyses the currently predominant processes of construction of large-scale assessment policies, using the national curriculum assessment system in Chile as a case. Based on qualitative evidence that includes media and policy texts analysis, ethnographic work and interviews with key policy actors, it aims at illustrating the disparity of participation in policy design as a potential reason for the lack of impact of these policies on teaching and learning. Conclusions aim at a need for reconceptualising our framework for the understanding of the processes of construction of large-scale assessment policies by overcoming the rationale of market-oriented accountability systems that predominate nowadays. Alternatives are explored through examples of large-scale assessment systems with a higher parity of participation of stakeholders in policy design and policy enactment.