Teacher learning through teaching and researching: the case of four teacherresearchers in a Masters programme

  • Sarah Bansilal
Keywords: learning


There is a large body of research and on-going discussions about mathematics teachers’
poor content knowledge in South Africa, with many suggesting that teachers need more
opportunities to increase their content knowledge. In this article I consider one important
opportunity that does not seem to be exploited – that of teachers’ learning in the classroom.
By considering the learning experiences of four teacher-researchers who were enrolled for a
masters degree, I explore how these teachers’ mathematics teacher knowledge developed as
a result of their research inquiry. The findings indicate that all four teachers have deepened
their mathematical knowledge for teaching in the various domains. However, learning in the
classroom is enabled by the presence of supportive and knowledgeable colleagues. If
authorities want to encourage such forms of learning, then attention needs to be directed to
providing intensive classroom support in order to maximise the opportunity for classroom

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