Initial Teacher Education students’ conceptualisation of inclusive education

Keywords: Inclusive education, preservice teachers, planning, pedagogy, practice, conceptualisations


In South African, Inclusive Education requires teachers to be responsive to diversity. Initial Teacher Education (ITE) has a role to play in challenging and disrupting teacher thinking to support conceptualisations of Inclusive Education that position teachers’ responsiveness to diversity. The theoretical framework used is the Inclusive Pedagogical Approach in Action (IPAA) Framework. The research was conducted at a public urban university in Johannesburg, South Africa with 200 third year preservice teachers. The data was analysed by considering preservice teachers’ reflections on adapting content knowledge, thinking about learner needs and selection of teaching and learning strategies. Findings indicate that preservice teachers were engaging with the theory of Inclusive Education; demonstrated awareness about issues of diversity but struggled to consider learners’ diverse needs and how to address these in practice. We recommend continued support for preservice teachers in building capacity to enhance responsiveness in inclusive practice through ITE programmes and further research. 

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