Recontexualising items that measure mathematical knowledge for teaching into scenario based interviews: an investigation

  • Jill Adler
  • Sitti Maesuri Patahuddin
Keywords: mathematical ideas


This paper interrogates the recontextualisation of available assessment items developed for
research purposes that measure mathematical knowledge for teaching, into scenarios for
use in qualitative studies related to mathematics teachers’ subject matter knowledge. It
draws from interviews with teacher participants in the Wits Maths Connect-Secondary
project and their responses to two selected items from the Learning Mathematics for
Teaching (LMT) project. The analysis shows that carefully constructed multiple choice
items in the domain of (mathematics) subject matter knowledge have much potential in
provoking teachers’ talk and their mathematical reasoning in relation to practice-based
scenarios; and exploring with teachers a range of connected knowledge related to the
teaching of a particular concept or topic. We argue that productive use of such items further
requires that researcher make explicit the mathematical ideas they expect to explore and
assess in the developed items.

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