Journeys to self-knowledge: methodological reflections on using memory-work in a participatory study of teachers as sexuality educators

  • Lungile Masinga UKZN
Keywords: reflection


This article draws on aspects of my participatory PhD research study, Journeys to selfknowledge
of teachers as sexuality educators. In the article, I share and reflect on the
methodological experiences of the study, with particular focus on working with memory
related data generation activities. I explain how story-telling, audio-recording of sessions
and keeping a reflective journal were used as methods to reach the stories that would best
assist us come to some understanding of who we are as sexual beings. I also reflect on some
dilemmas and discoveries I experienced when using memory work to generate data for the
research. The article highlights that memories and stories are an integral part of our
existence as they give meaning to our past and influence our future actions. It also shows
how, through collective examination of our stories, new perspectives and meanings can be
given to the stories to allow learning and reflection to take place

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