An enquiry into the effects of my early learning experiences on my current teaching practice

  • Sam Tobias
Keywords: experiences


As a South African educator, I am haunted, positively or negatively, by my own early
learning experiences during Apartheid. In this article, I explore my early learning
experiences and my current teaching practice through a reflective journey. Firstly, I consider
the need to be reflective as a teacher. Then I weave a narrative of personal learning
experiences through my early school days and current teaching practice, using the school
context, pedagogy, socialisation and discipline as categories of investigation. Lastly, I
critically contrast my past learning experiences with my current teaching practice. In
exploring my past experiences and reflecting critically on my current teaching pedagogy, I
have come to see how I was able to dispel anguish and become an optimistic teacher. In
order to realise the change we desire, we as teachers have to embrace change and that can
Memory is the weapon!1

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