Knowledge for teaching, knowledge about teaching: exploring the links between education research, scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) and scholarly teaching

  • Jennifer Case UKZN


The relationship between education research and the scholarship of teaching and learning
(SOTL) is still debated, while a distinction has been made between scholarly teaching and
SOTL. This study compares and contrasts two programmes of work that took place in a
particular 2nd year engineering course, both led by the author. The first programme was an
educational research project investigating student learning in the course. The second
programme was a period of teaching, leading to some SOTL output. Analysis of the
knowledge drawn on in teaching, confirms that good university teaching is not a direct
application of research findings but rather draws on a broad and largely tacit practical base
of knowledge. The article also offers a deliberation on whether it is productive to maintain
the distinction between education research and SOTL.