Connecting assessment and feedback: A customised and personalised experience for knowledge-building

  • Pryah Mahabeer University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • Fathima Firoz Akoo UKZN
Keywords: Formative Assessment (FA), Feedback, Knowledge building, Students’ experiences



Feedback is instrumental in enhancing the student learning experience and knowledge building.  However, feedback does not always translate into the desired outcomes for students receiving feedback, compromising educational experiences, and goals. This small-scale empirical study brings postgraduate students to the fore by seeking to explore their experiences of feedback on formative assessments within the learning space and to focus in a nuanced way on innovative opportunities and practices of feedback. The findings revealed participants understood the value of eminent feedback. While most participants experienced and reacted negatively to the use of assessment grids and feedback received from lecturers. They were unaccustomed to the digital submission of assessments and the receiving of online feedback. They recommended using a blended feedback approach that incorporates face-to-face feedback to make the digital feedback provided to students more meaningful. Providing useful feedback that creates a customized and personalized learning experience for students.

Keywords: Formative Assessment (FA), Feedback, Knowledge building, Students’ experiences