Exploring students’ experience and perceptions of the Somatology extended curriculum programme at the Durban University of Technology

Keywords: Extended Curriculum Programme, Higher Education, somatology


The South African higher education had faced scrutiny in recent years due to the low participation and high attrition rates. In an attempt to address this, institutions have introduced additional programmes such as Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECP). In this study, an interpretive research paradigm was followed to explore students' experiences and perceptions of the Somatology ECP programme at the Durban University of Technology. A semi-structured were conducted with 69 graduates of the Somatology ECP programme. The participants hold the view that social integration, reduce academic workload contributed to their academic performance.  It emerged that identity crisis, lack of awareness was the cause why some of the students had drop-out. The participants perceive that supports the subject, the staff and mentors supports influences their academic success through the programme. The study suggests that ECP is a successful programme in the Somatology programme with the potential to significantly increase the academic success of students.       

Author Biography

Mokgadi Ursula Makgobole, Durban University of Technology

Chiropractic and Somatology, Lecturer

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