The othering of teacher training in Lebowa bantustan: A historical perspective

Keywords: bantustans, Lebowa, teacher education, othering, structural racialisation


This paper focuses on the history of teacher training for Africans in the former Lebowa Bantustan. The discussion of teacher training in the former Lebowa Bantustan is based on the concept of 'othering', which captures various prejudices such as tribalism, segregation, marginalisation and racism. Textual data which included unpublished material, Lebowa Department of Education reports, memoranda, administrative documents, newspaper articles and journals housed in Limpopo Provincial Archives, Polokwane were examined to elicit meaning and gain understanding about 'othering' of teacher training in Lebowa. This paper has established that certain components of the curriculum for teacher training colleges in Lebowa Bantustan were used to 'other' African teachers. Further, segregation and marginalisation played a critical role in the institutionalisation of 'othering' by channeling resource distribution inequitably across racial groups. Lastly, student teachers were denied access to adequate knowledge and technology which barred them from acquiring specialised subject knowledge required to teach in different school phases.

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