Teachers’ Know-How: A Philosophical Investigation (2017) by Christopher Winch

  • Wayne Hugo UKZN
  • Robyn McQueen


Christopher Winch’s Teachers’ Know-How: A Philosophical Investigation (2017) is a mustread
for teacher educators, especially where market forces and political expediency are
pushing towards an education universe that emphasises market relevant skill sets. In a world
in which unemployment and dissatisfaction are high, pushing for a skills discourse does much
for those in power. The state can claim to have provided market relevant skills, and so blame
the individual for not finding work, saying something like, “We have provided you with the
skills so, if you cannot find a job, then it’s your fault, you layabout.” The danger, for us as
academics in education, is that this abusive use of skills discourses by the state and its neoliberal
disciples can result in a strong sense of repulsion for anything based on skills.

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Wayne Hugo, UKZN


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