Fostering an integrated tourism education curriculum in Lesotho: A community participation approach


This paper reports on ways to foster an integrated tourism curriculum by employing a community participation approach. As a vocational subject, tourism is intended to provide learners with practical and entrepreneurial skills. However, tourism is largely taught as a theory-based subject, and not in accordance with the demands of an integrated curriculum, which aims to strengthen survival skills and self-reliance. A community participation approach was utilised to show the cultural wealth learners and their communities can bring to the learning environment, and the value that this might hold for enhancing their academic performance and empowering them with vital life skills. Participatory action research was employed as a research methodology to generate data. Content analysis was used to analyse and interpret data. Some of the findings were that tourism curriculum can be fostered through an improved understanding of tourism as a vocational subject, collaboration amongst the stakeholders, and availability and proper use of resources.

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