Book review: Going to University. The influence of higher education on the lives of young South Africans.


Review of: 

Going to University. The Influence of Higher Education on the Lives of Young South Africans by Jennifer M. Case, Delia Marshall, Sioux McKenna and Disaapele Mogashana. Bloemfontein: African Minds, 2018.


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Author Biography

Sherran Clarence, Rhodes University

Sherran Clarence is an honorary research associate in the Centre for Postgraduate Studies at Rhodes University. Her practical work focuses on working with postgraduate and early career writers/researchers on writing for publication, and also thesis/dissertation writing. She also works with postgraduate supervisors and lecturers in higher education on teaching and learning development. Her current research is focused in the field of academic staff development, using Legitimation Code Theory and Academic Literacies theory to enact change in teaching and learning across the disciplines. She holds a Y2 rating from the NRF, and is also the managing editor of Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning, an open access journal based in South Africa, as well as Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory.

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