A snapshot of teachers’ knowledge and teaching behaviour to develop self-regulated learning

  • Bernadette Geduld North West University


This paper presents findings on South African township school teachers’ knowledge of self-regulated learning as well as their perceptions of how they develop self-regulated learning in learners. A qualitative, exploratory, descriptive design was used. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with ten purposively and conveniently selected Grade 8 secondary school teachers. Participants integrate various strategies in their teaching, whereby SRL is developed directly and indirectly. Participants have positive beliefs toward SRL, but departmental pressures regarding curriculum coverage, assessment and administration inhibit the time to develop self-regulated learning. The development of self-regulated learning is not a school wide priority and high pass rates in the Annual National Assessments and Senior Secondary School Certificate has precedence over the development of self-regulated learning. Fundamental changes at school level may need to occur for teachers to be able to allocate the time and resources necessary for developing learners to be self-regulated. Most importantly, classroom curriculum and accompanying assessment systems must be organised in ways that support and value SRL.

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