Becoming (p)art: Fostering socially engaged leadership for preservice art teachers through service-learning

fostering socially engaged leadership for pre-service art teachers through service-learning


To provide a more socially engaged learning environment for pre-service teachers in art education, I engaged them in a critical service-learning project. In five cycles of action and reflection on the engagement process, I generated evidence about student learning through observations, reflective notes and visual images to support my self-study on how I could influence pre-service art teachers to become educational leaders by adopting socially engaged practices. Qualitative analysis revealed that, after completing the module, students considered including socially engaged art in their teaching and showed qualities of becoming critical, accountable and transformational leaders, better prepared for teaching inclusively and in diverse contexts. The model developed from my learning serves as a praxis-orientated instrument to guide pedagogies to increase social responsiveness amongst pre-service art teachers to make their future practice more contextually relevant.