The mark of a great nation is in the way its citizens feel safe and unencumbered in their pursuit
of sustainable livelihoods and in becoming self-respecting, self-reliant and self-determining. The
greatness of a nation also lies in the way it treats its vulnerable citizens – notably the poor, the
young and the elderly as well as in its pursuit, advancement and protection of human rights. A
lot of this is dependent on a nation’s institutions of governance, its legislation, its processes and
its policies. More significantly, however a lot depends on the implementation of these policies as
well as the enforcement of legislation without prejudice. Numerous strategies have been advanced
including, but not limited to, decentralisation, e-government, partnerships with international bodies
and appropriate monitoring and evaluation of government programmes. In this issue of the African
Journal of Governance and Development, authors from across the African continent reflect on a
few of these significant systems and processes.

Published: 2019-03-10