Urban Expansion and Farmers’ Perceptions in Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia

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Kassahun Tassie Wegedie


Using survey data from 310 randomly sampled households in four peripheral areas of Bahir Dar city. Binary logit regression model was used to investigate the effect and prospects of urban expansion on their livelihood and to examine the relationship between displacement and household perception to urban expansion. The finding of the survey shows that statistically there is a significant difference between displaced and non–displaced in terms human capital, physical capital and natural capital. Nevertheless the effect of displacement on household’s livelihood outcome has a negative difference -0.118316729 as compared to non-displaced. The result of logistic regression result shows variables include household head sex, household head education, Compensation amount, degree of land loss extent, household head pre-awareness level about urban expansion, compensating package relevance and types of compensating package. The finding of this study suggests that policymakers need to reflect on the most suitable ways of mitigating negative impacts of farmland loss on peri-urban areas.

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Wegedie, K. (2019). Urban Expansion and Farmers’ Perceptions in Bahir Dar City, Ethiopia. African Journal Of Governance & Development, 8(1). Retrieved from https://journals.ukzn.ac.za/index.php/jgd/article/view/607
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Kassahun Tassie Wegedie, Bahir Dar Univeristy, college of Agricluture and enviromental science, agricltural economics department

agricltural economics department


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