Technology Governance: Minding and Closing the Gaps in Africa

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Sokfa F John


Technological innovation is at the heart of human evolution and progress. It is a catalyst for human wellbeing and socio-economic development. The rapid advancement the world is currently witnessing in this regard also birth concerns and ambiguities around the tension between benefits of today’s innovations and technologies, and their actual and potential harm or risks. This paper outlines some key challenges to the global governance of emerging technologies to maximize benefits while preventing harm. The paper also identified some of the gaps in technology governance in Africa, their implications, and some key issues that need to be considered in closing these gaps. It argues that African governments, the corporate sector, academic institutions and other stakeholders need to begin to engage the current state of innovations and technologies as well as their possible futures and implications for the continent more critically and innovatively. This will require approaches that are decolonizing, informed by current needs and future thinking, be in sync with global trends while prioritizing Africa’s interests and needs, and, pay attention to rural and marginal communities.

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John, S. (2021). Technology Governance: Minding and Closing the Gaps in Africa. African Journal of Governance & Development, 10(2), 375-389.