Teaching Without COVID-19 Vaccination: Grade 12 Teachers’ Experiences

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Dube Celimpilo Mbusiseni


Grade 12 teachers undertook teaching and learning activities in a Covid-19 context, which was a new normal. This new context shaped the teaching strategies and methods for teachers, and this new context came with new experiences. Consequently, this study aimedto explore the experiences of Grade 12 teachers in teaching without COVID-19 vaccination. A descriptive case study design was used to frame the study aligned with a qualitative approach. Using purposive sampling, seven focus groups were used to generate data which were analysed thematically. Findings revealed that teaching without COVID-19 vaccination is risky. Covid-19 comes with urban or semi-urban teachers, no support from the Department of Basic Education (DBE) for infected teachers, Covid-19 causes depression for some teachers, and wearing a mask while teaching is impossible in the classroom context. As a sequel to these findings, this study recommends that the DBE works more closely with schools during Covid-19 period so that it clearly understands school contexts. The DBE should expedite the vaccination processfor teachers so that they can feel safe in schools, and awareness campaigns should be organised for rural communities about the Covid-19 pandemic. Lastly, the DBE should trace and provide support for infected teachers until full recovery.

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