The journal Humanities in the Global South is a peer reviewed, scholarly journal published twice a year in June and December. This flagship journal of the humanities is published by the College of Humanities of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

Humanities in the Global South aims to create a space for stimulating conversations on theories and empirical knowledge of the global south to inform and participate in shaping responses to contemporary human experiences and social realities. The journal provides a forum for scholars to address the pressing issues of the global south through innovative thinking and research.

The journal seeks to understand, interrogate and critique human phenomena through a trans-disciplinary lens. It provides a critical space beyond the traditional disciplinary perspectives and boundaries for scholars to engage with contested phenomena within the context and geo-politics of the global south.

Transdisciplinary humanities operate from various humanities and social science disciplines to analyse contemporary issues that confront global south realities. These include issues of social cohesion, poverty, hunger, migration, mobility, displacement, human rights, climate change, informality, gender-based violence, spatiality, hybridity, racism, xenophobia, HIV/AIDs, health, epidemiology, public humanities, informatics humanities, post-colony, transformation, de-coloniality and the socio-political, religious and cultural specificities of people in the global south. The journal invites papers from scholars working in these areas and in various disciplines whose work seeks to either theoretically or empirically address the problems that confront humanity in the global south, particularly in Africa, Central and Latin America and Asia.

The journal encourages submissions in the strong transdisciplinary fields of medical, spatial and environmental humanities. Papers that deal with large datasets and that consider specific ethnographic contexts are welcome as long as they are located within the context of a humanities and global south hermeneutic. Joint papers that involve collaboration within and across multiple disciplines and geographical regions are invited. Submissions that question the established Western ontologies and epistemologies and apply modalities of thinking that are grounded in the global south are particularly welcome.

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