It is with great pleasure I introduce the July 2019 issue to the readers. This issue, longest in length so far in the history of Nidān, focuses on Indian Christians and Christianity in India. It demonstrates the extent to which the topic is of interest to scholars as well as general readers. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Deepra Dandekar for editing this issue with great care, scholarly rigour and attention to detail. I thank all the authors for choosing to submit their scholarly papers to Nidān. We have selected these papers from a large pool of submissions and after subjecting them to a rigorous double blind peer review process. On behalf of the editorial team, I wish to gratefully acknowledge the work of the anonymous reviewers. This issue offers scholarly insight into the Indian Christian community through the very well researched papers. I hope the readers from not only the Christian scholarly community but also the general readers at large would find these papers worth reading. We have included book reviews on three latest scholarly books in the field of Indian studies. It is perhaps worth noting that rarely do we publish more than one review on the same book. This time, Arun Jones’ book has elicited such positive response that we have decided to include two reviews on his book. The other two books are by two prominent scholars in the field of Indian studies—Deonnie Moodie (2019) and Sumit Sarkar (2019). We thank all the reviewers for their insightful reviews.

Published: 2019-08-10