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Criteria for Submission of Articles

Articles should relate to the study of any aspect of Indian Studies. As such, the study of India is broadly conceived to include, not merely the traditionally recognized areas within the discipline such as religion, but includes contributions from scholars in other fields who seek to bring their particular worldviews and theories into dialogue with Indian studies. Articles that explore issues of history, ecology, economics, politics, sociology, culture, education and psychology in relation to India and the Indian diaspora are welcomed.

Papers will be subject to evaluation by referees drawn from a pool of international scholars. Papers are blind reviewed by two scholars anonymously. Papers should be prefaced by an abstract of approximately 100 words, setting out the gist of the paper and should include key words below the abstract. Although generally we encourage scholars not to exceed a word length of 6000 – 7000 words, editors are often flexible about the length at their discretion.

Gender discriminating language should be avoided, unless it is necessary for the sense intended.

The author’s full name, address, qualifications and current institutional affiliation as well as current email address must be supplied. Each paper must be accompanied by a signed declaration to the effect that the article is the original work of the author.

Papers must be submitted electronically using an IBM or Macintosh compatible word processing programme. Papers should be saved as a Word Document.

Although the journal generally prefers UK English, editorial discretion often allows US English spellings and styles.

Note that the publication of papers cannot be guaranteed. Further, a paper, which is accepted for publication, maybe held over for publication in a subsequent issue of the journal.