Bharatiya Pooja: Worshiping Jesus Using Hindu Methods

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Matej Karásek


The paper is dedicated to the Indian Christian Ashram Movement and to the liturgy of Bharatiya Pooja that represents the unique phenomenon of a systematic synthesis between Christianity and other elements of religious theory and practice adapted from Hinduism. Representatives of the movement are mostly Christian monks known as Christian Sannyasis. These Christian Sannyasis live lifestyles that are, in many aspects, similar to their counterparts amongst Hindu renouncers and ascetics. The first part of the paper introduces the historical context that predetermined the birth and development of the movement and the second part presents and interprets the ethnographic data collected during field research at the Kurishumala Ashram in Kerala. The article pays special attention to Bharatya Pooja, the mass held at Kurishumala Ashram, conducted by Christian monks, and discusses its many aspects that as yet retain Hindu ways of religious worship. The final part of the article discusses questions of religious authenticity within Indian Christianity.

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