e-Oral Health and Teledentistry in Finland - an Overview

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29086/JISfTeH.7.e11

  • Anni Marjukka Palander Kuopio University Hospital Oral Health Teaching Clinic, City of Kuopio, Social and Health, University of Eastern Finland, Institute of Dentistry, Finnish Student Health Service https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5254-4032
  • Arto Holopainen City of Kuopio, Strategy and Development, Kuopio, Finland https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7039-6229
  • Tiina Rantamo Rantamo Kuopio University Hospital Oral Health Teaching Clinic, Kuopio, and University of Eastern Finland, Institute of Dentistry, Kuopio https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5697-3766
Keywords: telemedicine, dentistry, Finland, remote consultation, data mining, patient generated health data, electronic health records, electronic prescribing


Despite universal health coverage and a strong public health system, the oral health profile of Finland falls behind in an international age-matched prevalence of oral diseases. The oral healthcare system is organised and funded mainly by municipalities. Other stakeholders include the Finnish Student Health Service foundation (FSHS), government and private practices, where the Social Insurance Institution of Finland plays a major role in funding. Rise in the treatment need in recent years due to the increasing dentulous ageing population has challenged the healthcare system. Governmental response to the demand is an ongoing social and healthcare reform and increase of oral health professional education since 2004. However, the current and future treatment need is not met only by conventional prevention strategies and physical service provision. Finland has over the years supported a determined policy of building a digital healthcare architecture. This applies also to all fields of oral healthcare: virtual education, digital diagnostics, digital clinical workflow, national electronic patient records, patient-generated data registers, electronic prescriptions, remote consultation, digital service  management, as well as research and big data mining. These tools could play an important role in improving national oral health and increasing equity. This is an overview of the above-mentioned fields of e-Oral health and teledentistry in Finland based on current scientific literature, national reports, strategies and legislation.




Author Biography

Anni Marjukka Palander, Kuopio University Hospital Oral Health Teaching Clinic, City of Kuopio, Social and Health, University of Eastern Finland, Institute of Dentistry, Finnish Student Health Service




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