Reflections on Telemedicine, circa 2014

  • Ellen R. Cohn University of Pittsburgh
Keywords: telemedicine, telehealth, tele-ethics, ehealth, mhealth


This commentary reflects upon the status of telemedicine in 2014. The environment is complex, with challenges that include:  inadequate reimbursement, the need to assure privacy and security, and restrictions on inter-state US practice. While technological advancements are fueling a burgeoning global telemedicine market, these continue to outpace the development of tele-ethics, regulatory policies, and training programs. Most importantly, consumers have yet to become fully engaged as partners in shaping the future of value-driven telemedicine.


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Author Biography

Ellen R. Cohn, University of Pittsburgh
Ellen R. Cohn PhD, CCC- SLP is Associate Dean for Instructional Development, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and Professor, Department of Communication Science and Disorders.


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