Customization of OpenMRS for Leishmaniasis Research and Treatment Center in Ethiopia

  • Assel Syzdykova University of Aveiro BMD Software
  • Maria Zolfo Institute of Tropical Medicine
  • André Malta University of Aveiro
  • Ermias Diro University of Gondar
  • José Luís Oliveira University of Aveiro
Keywords: electronic health records, open source, low-resource settings, Ethiopia, Leishmaniasis


In this era of evidence based medical practice, low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are significantly affected by the scarcity of locally generated data. This is mainly due to the absence of electronic medical record systems even in large medical and research centres. Most still use paper-based patient registration and documentation. However, the shift to digital records can benefit both clinicians and patients. Developing countries need health information technology more than other countries due to the challenges in patient tracking and exchanging data even within one medical centre. In Ethiopia, similar to other LMICs, medical recording, patient transfers and consultations are all done with paper-based documentation, and electronic medical records were not implemented in the majority of the country’s facilities. The first attempt to select and contextualise an open source electronic health record (EHR) system at the Leishmaniasis Research and treatment Centre, University of Gondar, Ethiopia is described. 

Author Biographies

Assel Syzdykova, University of Aveiro BMD Software


PhD student

Maria Zolfo, Institute of Tropical Medicine
MD, PhD, Clinical Sciences Department Educational Coordinator at Institute of Tropical Medicine
André Malta, University of Aveiro



Ermias Diro, University of Gondar
Associate professor of internal medicine at University of Gondar
José Luís Oliveira, University of Aveiro


Associate professor


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