Guide and Federate the Telemedicine Actors for the Development of Sustainable Projects Consistent With French Recommendations

  • Mickael Chaleuil Agir Pour La Telemedecine
  • Nathalie Salles CHU de Bordeaux
  • Pierre-Antoine Fougerouse Department of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University, Palo Alto, United States
Keywords: telemedicine, telehealth, eHealth, Public Health


Telemedicine is facing many public health challenges which makes benchmarking essential. In this perspective, the association Agir Pour La Telemedicine wanted to develop a collaborative web platform for the provision of resources for telemedicine projects. The platform makes it possible through a dynamic inventory to find an existing project, access its identity card and compare it to other projects. This tool is intended for project holders, administrations of the healthcare system and companies who are working in the telehealth industry. By facilitating feedback from telemedicine stakeholders, this interface will enable them to federate and support them efficiently through the provision of project management tools. By creating a single database this platform could allow a harmonisation of telemedicine projects in France.


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