Portable Multi-Peripheral Telemedicine Kits to Expand Clinical Services of Relief Organizations in Contexts Of Disaster

  • Yasir Elfatih A Elsanousi Rome Business School Alsabeel Charitable Health Center
Keywords: telemedicine, e-Visit, portable kits, disaster


Objectives: This study explored the practical aspects of multi-peripheral portable telemedicine kits that make them specifically ideal for expanding and improving the medical services provided by disaster relief organisations. It also attempted to compile a list of proposed criteria and components of a standard disaster portable telemedicine kit. Methodology: Descriptive study extracting data by review of published research articles and manufacturer documentations, and reports of some humanitarian organisations.

Results: The study revealed that portable telemedicine kits help delivering timely, high-quality, and safe general and specialty medical service in disaster situations. Moreover they increase the capacity to serve greater numbers of affected people. A list of criteria was compiled from reviewed data to suggest a standard disaster portable telemedicine kit. Conclusion: Portable telemedicine kits expand the capacity of the delivered healthcare service of a relief organisation qualitatively and quantitatively. Portable telemedicine kits with disaster- specific criteria are recommended for relief organisations.


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