Comparative Analysis of Regional Medical Information Systems in Japan, the US, and the UK From the View of eHealth Economics

  • Masatsugu Tsuji Kobe International University
Keywords: Ajisai Net, Healthix, CMC, information system, population risk management


The regional medical information network connects medical institutions in the region to share residents’ medical data such as images of x-ray and endoscopy, diagnosis, past history of medical treatment, medication, and so on. As a result, it leads to promote efficiency and reduction of medical expenditure by preventing double medical checks or medications. In the age of big data or AI, the network becomes more important. This paper is based on the field research on regional medical information networks in Japan, the US and UK and compares with them in terms of their aims, operation, information systems, and effects to medical institutions, clinics, and residents. Cases compared are Ajisai (hydrangea) Net in Nagasaki, Japan, Healthix in New York, US, and CMC in London, UK. Ajisai Net connects 282 hospitals and clinics in the regions and about 50,000 residents are registered. One of its characteristics is for clinics to access medical data of patients who are transferred to large hospitals to see their real time medical situations. The costs to clinics include initial fees which are JPY 83,000 (USD750) and monthly fees which amount to JPY4,000 (USD36). The network of Healthix connects about 500 medical institutions which share the heath records of 16 million residents which include diagnosis, medication, examinations, allergy, and so on. In addition to prevention of double medical examination, or double medication, the network contributes to promotion of efficiency of medicine, and the data accumulated in the network is used for “Population Risk Management” to predict diseases. In London, UK, the network of CMC (Coordinate My Care) also shares medical information of residents and supports care at home. As a result, the aged or patients registered in CMC tend to have fewer emergency calls or hospitalisations than non-registered residents. Based on three field surveys, the paper discusses issues and how to promote the regional medical information network in Japan by considering the roles of the networks in the US and the UK.


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