A Clinical Management Centre Value in Triage of COPD Telemonitoring Patients

  • Joana Belchior Linde Saúde
  • Margarida Guedes Linde Saúde
  • Diana António Linde Saúde
  • Sandra Guedes Linde Saúde
  • Maria Inmaculata Ramos Linde Medica
  • Syed Jafri Linde Saude
  • Pedro Costa Hospital Dr. José Maria Grande
  • João Pereira Linde Saúde
Keywords: telemonitoring, COPD, clinical management Centre


Telemonitoring is the systematic collection of clinical data from the patient’s home and its examination by a healthcare team. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD exacerbations contribute to disease progression and worse prognosis. Aim: to determine the benefits achieved by early detection of acute exacerbations of COPD (AECOPD) by telemonitoring, describing the experience of a specialised clinical management centre (CMC) which triaged the received alerts, confirmed the AECOPD, stratified them according to their level of severity and notified the doctors. Methods: 15 male COPD patients, all “C” and “D” GOLD groups were monitored of spO­2, heart rate, blood pressure and skin temperature. For each patient, individual clinical alert thresholds were defined and calculated. Clinical alerts resulted in the CMC phoning the patient, completing a clinical questionnaire and confirming the presence of AECOPD and stratifying its severity. Only true positives were referred to a doctor. Results: During 18 months, 1,137 clinical alerts were detected but only 4.3% were true positives. Of these, 55.1% were level I, 36.7% level II and 8.2% level III. Conclusion: The study demonstrates the essential  role  of  a  clinical  management  centre  in  identifying,  categorising  and  appropriately  acting  upon  only  real  alerts  to  ensure  that  patients  with  AECOPD  receive  the  right  treatment  as  quickly  and  efficiently as possible.


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