Evolution of Activities of Daily Living using Inertia Measurements: The Lunch and Dinner Activities

  • Marc Berenguer Orange Labs, Meylan, France
  • Marie-Jeanne Bouzid Orange Labs, Meylan, France
  • Aida Makni Orange Labs, Meylan, France
  • Grégoire Lefebvre Orange Labs, Meylan, France
  • Norbert Noury INL, INSA, UMR 5270, Villeurbanne, France
Keywords: ADL, inertial data, actigraphy, fragile people, activity index


In the context of designing eHealth services for fragile people, we propose to monitor Activities of Daily Living (ADL) in order to anticipate the potential loss of autonomy by behaviour changes. Nowadays, the availability of non-stigmatising sensors such as inertial sensors embedded on Smartphones allows the estimation of people’s postures in real time in order to evaluate their autonomy in daily life. Our aim is to propose an unconstrained and non-intrusive method based on inertial sensors, which gives an indicator about a person’s autonomy. This method determines the correlation between people’s postures and activities over time in order to compute an index of ADL (IndexADL), specific to each person. The IndexADL variation over time is then a useful feature for positively or negatively evaluating people’s autonomy.  Our experiment, based on data collection of eight elderly people over a 3-month period, analyses the Lunch and Dinner activities with promising performances.


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