Polish Telemedicine and eHealth Society tribute to Ryszard Mężyk (1948-2021)

  • Wojciech Glinkowski Medical University of Warsaw http://orcid.org/0000-0003-2602-1128
  • Tomasz Cedro Polish Telemedicine and eHealth Society, 03-728 Warsaw, Poland


The Polish Society of Telemedicine and eHealth expresses last farewell to Ryszard Mężyk, a colleague and former longtime Treasurer. His cooperation with the Polish Society of Telemedicine and e-Health (formerly the Polish Telemedicine Society), a national member of ISfTeH - International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth, started in 2006. He was a modest and noble person and very valuable and devoted to promoting telemedicine, eHealth, and digital health in his region and throughout Poland. After joining the Association in 2010, he was twice elected and served as the Association's Treasurer. He was honoured successively with the Bronze, Silver, and Gold "Bene Meritus" Badge of the Polish Society of Telemedicine and eHealth. Despite having retired on November 1, 2018, he was still an active member of the Association. 


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