Pronto Fácil: A software for Patient Data and Health Service Management for Clinical Psychologists

Keywords: software, psychology, medical records systems, computerised


Introduction: Clinical and management data need to be stored in a manner that allows easy, safe and real time access. Objective: Develop a software for patient data and health service management for use on clinical psychologists’ smartphones, tablets and computers. Method: This research used applied technology production for software application development, and was carried out in five steps: (1) Preliminary survey; (2) Target public contact retrieval and pilot research; (3) Definition of the development’s basic aspects and questionnaire preparation for final research; (4) Initial development, beta testing and final questionnaire; (5) Development of the application’s final version. Results: (1) Low records registration and methods used by clinical psychologists. (2) Reasons for low records registration and helping factors to change this. (3) Chosen a software language which was able to be used as platform independent when developing to Windows, Android and iOS, easy-to-read text fonts for everyone, pleasant colours and intuitive user interface. (4) First software version, group of testers and final questionnaire. (5) Application is able to manage patient records and appointments, together with financial and tax registries, and tax collection formularies. Conclusion: The proposed psychological records strategy has resulted in a key factor to tackle the barriers raised against recording psychological treatment in medical records, being also a great ally for private practices’ management, as clinical psychologists, liked the versatility in handling and scope, such as appointments, registration of clinical records and financial control. The application will be freely available on Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users and in the future on Play Store (Android).

Author Biographies

Tatiana Denise Godinho Spreng da Rocha, Instituto de Cardiologia do RS
Carlos Fernando Paleo da Rocha, Consulting Business Solutions Universidade Estácio de Sá FTEC Faculdades

Chief Executive Officer and Researcher 



Clarissa Garcia Rodrigues, Grinn
Professor, Registry Coordinator
Patricia Dias, AGM e­Health Company
Coordinator Nurse
Silvia Goldmeier, Instituto de Cardiologia do RS
Professor, Professional Masters Program Coordinator


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