Effectiveness of a telehealth and telecare learning resource within an undergraduate nursing curriculum

  • David I Barrett University of Hull
Keywords: Telehealth, eHealth, nursing informatics, education, Nursing


This paper discusses the impact of a telehealth and telecare eLearning resource on a cohort of undergraduate nursing students in the United Kingdom. The resource was designed to raise awareness of telehealth and telecare applications, and to introduce learners to some of the drivers, challenges and research evidence associated with these interventions.

Methods: Questionnaires were constructed that explored students’ views on the resource itself, and on their knowledge of, and attitudes towards, telehealth and telecare. Both questionnaires included a 5-point Likert scale containing items linked to knowledge, awareness and opinions of telehealth and telecare. A pre-resource questionnaire provided a baseline measure that was compared subsequently with results from a post-resource questionnaire to identify the impact of completing the learning.

Results: 104 students completed the learning resource. 51 students (49%) completed either the pre- or post-course questionnaire, with 44 (42%) completing both questionnaires. Feedback from students suggested high levels of satisfaction with the quality and utility of the resource. Responses to items in the knowledge and attitudes Likert scale were analysed primarily using non-parametric tests to identify any changes in responses before and after completing the resource. Wilcoxon signed-rank testing demonstrated statistically significant changes in responses in all but one of the Likert items, suggesting an increase in students’ positive attitudes towards telehealth and telecare and their knowledge related to the topic.

Conclusions: The research suggests that pre-registration nursing students value the opportunity to learn more about telehealth and telecare, and that a well-designed resource can increase awareness and knowledge.


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