A Demonstration of the Vitom to Provide Post Laceration Repair Follow Up Using Telemedicine Technology—A Useful Methodology for Far Forward Surgical Telementoring

  • David Boedeker Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
  • Kartik Shenoy Temple University
  • Michael Wadman University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Todd Hall Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
  • Chad Branecki University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Ben Boedeker University of the Incarnate Word School of Medicine, San Antonio
Keywords: Vitom, telemedicine, remote surgery


Surgical care must often be provided in remote areas where surgical subspecialists are not available.  Telemedicine offers a means of linking a specialist with a remote medical provider to virtually provide the highest level of expertise.  This paper describes the first known clinical usage of the Vitom exoscope to transmit images from a remote site to a specialty care provider for surgical evaluation.  The Vitom is a low cost, portable endoscopic solution for linking remote general medical providers with specialists in tertiary care centres.  This system has high potential utility for the far forward battlefield area.


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