Using Deployed Medical Providers to Support in Garrison Tele ENT Care- A Model to Capture Excess Medical Capacity Using Telemedicine

  • Thomas Gifford LRMC
  • Erica Taylor LRMC
  • Shawn Nessen LRMC
  • Brett Freedman LRMC
  • David Boedeker Doane College United State
  • Ben Boedeker UNMC
Keywords: Deployment medicine, telemedicine, military medicine


Within the military context telemedicine technology is commonly used to link specialty providers in rear area medical centres to support far forward, deployed medical needs. This paper describes a reverse of that concept, whereby deployed specialty providers in Afghanistan were linked by telemedicine technology to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl Germany to provide tele-ENT consultations. This approach can be used to utilise excess medical specialty capacity from deployed specialty providers using telemedicine. Maintenance of competence is a problem for deployed military medical personnel who may be providing combat care instead of practicing their medical specialty. Using teleconsultation to allow them to practice their specialty may be a way to decrease this skill loss.

Author Biographies

Thomas Gifford, LRMC
Chief, ENT
Erica Taylor, LRMC
telemedicine nurse, LRMC
Shawn Nessen, LRMC
Chief of Surgery, LRMC, Colonel, MC
Brett Freedman, LRMC
Chief Telemedicine, LRMC, LTC, MC
Ben Boedeker, UNMC
Professor Anesthesiology, UNMC


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Gifford, T., Taylor, E., Nessen, S., Freedman, B., Boedeker, D., & Boedeker, B. (2016). Using Deployed Medical Providers to Support in Garrison Tele ENT Care- A Model to Capture Excess Medical Capacity Using Telemedicine. Journal of the International Society for Telemedicine and EHealth, 4, e17 (1-2). Retrieved from
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