Safeguarding the Food Basket from Oil Spills/Pollution in Nigeria: Post-Oil City Perspective

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Olusola Olufemi
Oluwafisayo Deborah Ogunmodede


The ecological and health damage of oil spills and pollution in Nigeria is unquantifiable and the systematic degradation of the environment, health, livelihoods and food system of people residing in oil spill areas is visibly intolerable. This paper using secondary data, reviews literature on oil spills and contends that decades of environmental inequities significantly contribute to oil spills, environmental toxicity and contamination, and impoverishes the food basket and people’s health in the Niger Delta region in Nigeria. Oil spill is the release of oil or liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the natural and built environment. Findings revealed oil spills results in the collapse of the local economy, impact negatively on lives, livelihoods, stifles food production and food security. Oil spills also have consequential health implications both for human in the region and the ecosystems. Paper suggests that in the post-oil city an inclusive approach that detoxifies the environment, preserve livelihoods and health, restores human dignity and promotes environmental justice will help rebuild and safeguard water and food security.

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